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Pro Border Mulch has been designed for customers who are looking to improve soil quality and structure which also has decorative appearances, This blend is choice of mulch in our testing facilities as it slowly release goodness to shrubs and trees over a period of time which creates a wonderful loamy soil out of the poorest of soils over a 2 year period giving hedges, shrubs and trees the best possible growing environment whilst they are establishing there roots.

We recommend Pro Border Mulch for dressing borders or can be blended with native soils when planting to create a loamy rich soil which allows oxygen and key nutrients to continue to be supplied to the soil of the shrub we then recommend you mulch the rest of the border to continue to improve the existing soil whilst the plants roots explore into further soil.

Pro Border Mulch is a excellent soil amendments and the number 1 choice when looking to improve existing soil quality without too much work, Contains a fantastic blend of spent mushroom compost and forest bark which creates the very best environment for microorganisms, bacteria & worms, the key ingredient to any successful garden!

All our wood chips and bark mulches are always sustainable sourced from Forestry stewardship approved sources throughout the United Kingdom!

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